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aesthetic-order asked First of all, I really like all the usefull information that you post on your blog and I'm sure not only me, but lots of other people are having questions about this emerging UFO disclosure and all you see on mainstream news channels...
What i wanted to ask is what is your opinion on a false flag alien invasion? a government infiltrated scare tactic to keep the world looking at a external threat?

Thank you! I can’t begin to explain how much it means to me to know I’ve helped people in their journey to discovering the truth that’s been denied for more than half a century.

My opinion on a “faked alien invasion”? I can see that being very probable. Maybe not in the next hundred years, or maybe even in the next 10. It’s fairly tough to say how or when disclosure will happen for us. An unforeseen invasion of Earth will cause MASS panic and just be total chaos for the human race. So why wouldn’t our governments take advantage of faking an invasion so they can “prove” we are still able to fight off an intelligence that is more advance than us? Kind of like putting on a show of false hope instead of a threat.

Let’s say there is an inevitable invasion in our future. Governments, I think, would rather have their people on their side than against them! Putting on a show of strength, cunning, and strategy will get people to trust their government more, eventually leading them to become completely dependant on the safety the military offers. If a real invasion were to happen, even if we are outnumbered and outsmarted, there could be a chance of calm within the population because they had seen that they were saved in the past.

I wouldn’t even say a fake invasion would be too bad of an idea. It would be a great way to finally and completely disclose the idea of higher intelligences without actually being invaded. It would be a way of moving on from religion and other mindsets that have been holding us back in the past. It could in fact prepare us for a real invasion.

Thanks for the great question!


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Official Name for Dulce, New Mexico underground base!

Popular Internet radio broadcaster Jerry Pippin http://www.jerrypippin.com/
based in Muskogee, Oklahoma, stunned his worldwide audience on September 25 when he featured researcher Anthony Sanchez who, for the first time ever, revealed to the public the official government/military name for the much-rumored, alleged underground installation in Dulce, New Mexico.

Sanchez disclosed the complete name of the installation as: "Rio Arriba Scientific & Technological Underground Auxiliary".

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UFO disclosure in China: Genuine alien photo released

China is in the process of disclosing its relationship with aliens and its knowledge of UFOs. The government news agency has already published an admission by an astronomer at the nation’s main space observatory that UFO craft of alien origin are seen by its scientists.

According to insiders it is only months before China comes completely clean on its relationship with at least three alien races. All News Web can now reveal a photo of an alien of a species you probably never heard of and certainly never saw a photo of.

One of the races China and others are interacting with is known as ‘Tadpole’ aliens. These aliens are often mistaken for UFOs and thus referred to in error as ‘Tadpole’ UFOs. In fact these ‘UFOs’ are actual ET creatures or possibly biological robots, The below photo was taken last month in Kunming by a school student who along with his class saw one of these bizarre ‘Tadpole’ aliens hover outside their classroom window before disappearing into thin air.

The photo above has been confirmed to us by inside sources as in fact being an alien and not a UFO. This species of alien is interacting with Chinese authorities and has the ability to fly and communicate with humans. These aliens are considered to be far more advanced in intelligence than humans and are said to come from a planet with differing gravitational and chemical conditions to Earth. It has not been made public which actual planet this alien species comes from.

Some have suggested these aliens are connected to the Pyramid UFOs seen and filmed from time to time. As can be seen in the photo these aliens appear bright red in Earth’s atmosphere.

We realise that many readers will findwhat is written this article hard to swallow. In case you find this creature odd and not how you might have imagined an intelligent being to look be consoled by the fact that they probably find us just as bizarre.

SOURCE: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999410.php 


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